Mobile Marketing Suggestions for 2018

Mobile marketing is important perhaps more than ever before in 2018. Following the most recent trends, we enter into 2018 with online shopping and marketing being dominated by handheld devices. The number of mobile devices is also increasing, with wearables also coming into the fray. In any case, companies that want to stay competitive must have a mobile marketing plan. Here are several tips and suggestions for improving your company’s mobile marketing plan for 2018:

Improve In-App Content for Indexing Purposes

Apps offer value-added services for customers who frequently engage with brands through websites and social media profiles. As the number of apps has soared in recent years, so has the need to make each app discoverable by customers in the target audience. Google’s algorithm changes now make it possible for customers to view app marketing content without having the app downloaded onto a phone. In-app content plays a major role in indexing apps, and thus making apps discoverable. Therefore, in 2018, make sure your brand’s app has stellar in-app content. Not only should the content be interesting, it should be optimized for SEO and should be free of common problems like spelling errors. Consult with a well-known app developer, like, to create SERP-friendly in-app content.

Remove Interstitials from Apps and Mobile Websites

Interstitials, if you don’t already know, are those little windows that pop up requesting more information or showing an add when customers interact with an app or a site. For example, if a customer tries to download an app, an interstitial requesting age may pop up. Interstitials can be necessary in a scenario that requires legal consent or information. However, in all other scenarios, these things only interfere with the customer experience. Interstitials can discourage customers from continuing with what they were about to do. For example, if a customer wants to view a mobile web page and an interstitial for subscribing pops up, it could cause the customer to turn away. Interstitials don’t really belong in the modern mobile experience. Therefore, get rid of them and ensure a smooth browsing experience.

Market Using AR Apps

Augmented reality apps for smartphones have skyrocketed following the success of Pokemon GO. Whether you like it or not, AR is the future of mobile marketing. Therefore, start now to incorporate AR apps into the marketing strategy. The latest AR apps are quite sophisticated and do look quite real. AR is useful when marketing on social media as well, especially through channels like Snapchat. The earlier your brand gets on the AR train, the more successful your marketing efforts would be.

 Offer More Integration

Modern consumers do not just use one device, like a desktop or a smartphone. They are often connected to multiple devices on the Internet of Things. This is the newest reality that mobile marketing cannot ignore. Brands that offer highly integrated experiences will surely succeed over the competition in the future. Therefore, when creating content for mobile apps or websites, offer perks that connect the customers with their other devices as well. For example, customers could use an app to download music and instantly listen to it on their Bluetooth speakers. Another great example is an app that connects shopping carts saved on desktop browsers with apps when customers go into stores.

In this New Year, consider improving your mobile marketing plan with any of the above.

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