Top Tips for Buying a Used Car

If you are looking to a buy a second hand car, it is likely because you want it cheaper than it would be fresh out of a dealership. And if you get it right, that decision can certainly pay dividends. But you have to get it right first, of course.

Since you have decided to buy a second hand car, you now have the task of verifying how well it runs despite having a previous owner. So here are some top tips to help you decide.

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Take It For A Drive

Test it out before you buy it. This is a pretty standard procedure with any car old or new. You should be able to drive it and see what it is like on the road before you decide whether to buy it or not. On average, this test drive should be at least 15 minutes long. That gives you time to test out how well the car handles and if all off its additional functions and driver aids are in good working order.

During the test drive, you should always be alert to any sign of trouble; a funny noise coming from the exhaust, unsmooth shifting of the gears, dependability of the brakes, a generally uncomfortable ride thanks to poorly maintained tires. Any issues with tires by the way, can be sorted if you are willing to get yourself a brand new set and maintain them yourself.



Clocking refers to when the odometer on a car that has done many miles is actually wound back in order to justify a higher asking price. For every 1000 miles or so that have been set back, the market value goes up a lot and you could end up paying double or even triple the price of what the car is actually worth selling for.

There is a simple way around this trick. Get access to a complete service history of the car which will contain its real mileage and a record off all its service sessions.


This is a really dull part of the verification process but no less important than the others. Because not everything there is to know about the car can be known from a test drive, you will need to see documents such as a MOT certificate, logbook, and service history. If you cannot access any of these, there is good reason to doubt that the car is worth your money.

Make Sure All The Electrical Parts Work

It is just possible that car’s previous owner may have wrecked a few of the different knobs and buttons that have additional functions. So while you are out test driving, go right ahead and test these as well. It is vital that all the electrically powered features lights, windscreen wipers, dashboard display, climate control and stereo are all fully functional. Anything broken could be indicative of a bad battery.


With these considerations attended to, you should be able to really enjoy a cheap and reliable second hand car.

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