All the Traits of a Good Accountant

Most people have come to expect certain things from accountants, including a knack for numbers, an aptitude for logic and critical thinking overall. However, there is a lot more that goes into being a good, competent accountant, which you only find out when actively looking for one. So if you are currently, then you have come to the right place. And if you are hiring for your own small business, you want to be sure that you leave no stone unturned. If you have quite a bit of business acumen, then you may find this easier, but if not, nothing to worry about either. That is what the Internet is there for, and after all, we do live in the digital age. So without further ado, we present to you all the traits you must watch out for when hiring an accountant.

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You would not trust a dentist with decayed teeth would you? So an accountant who is astoundingly disorganized is a warning sign. Consider it an alarm bell and run straight back out. Messy is okay. It can be forgiven, it is understandable, and almost all of us are guilty of it as well. However, there is a limit that an accountant can afford to be disorganized, and they should not go above this threshold. If you know for certain that they are, then keep looking. Imagine trying to fish out missing receipts, invoices and bills from under a pile of folders, takeaway boxes and tissues. Not pleasant.


Many mistakenly assume that accountants only deal with numbers, which to an extent is true. But, modern-day accountants have come a long way since then, and now their responsibilities include a whole lot more. Hence, they have quite busy schedules, as they are required to also help in making strategic business decisions. Seeing as how they have access to all the information related to profits, losses and revenue, this only makes sense. So whether you are looking for someone to take over with tax services narre warren, bookkeeping or both, be sure that they are effective and efficient at the same time.


Honestly in hindsight, this should probably be up top here. If you cannot trust your accountant, well, you are doomed. You cannot grow or flourish with an accountant who cheats you even in a small way. And if you find out that they do, promptly get rid of them as well. Accountants are entrusted with a very sensitive part of the business, and they need to take this responsibility very seriously. In fact, accountants who embrace the company as their own are those who offer the best. If you find one of those, treat them well and keep them close because they are precious. Like a rare diamond or life partner if you will!

Excellent Communication

Drafting balance sheets, trial balance and profit and loss reports are all well and good, but if you cannot make head or tail of any of it, then there is not much use is there? They need to be able to communicate well, and effectively at that too. Any problems must immediately be brought to your attention, and any financial actions going forward must also be approved by you. If your accountant does not keep you updated, then something is wrong somewhere. Also make it a point to sit down and work through the numbers every week, so you are both in the clear.

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