Types of Insurance Coverage for Your Recreational Vehicle

There are many types and models of recreational vehicles you can purchase and the availability of many types of vehicles means that a single insurance policy will not cover all them. Also, since the growing popularity with the vehicles, it is important that you know the coverage types available for your recreational vehicle. Take a look at the list below to find out the main types of coverages that can apply for RVs.

Total Loss Replacement

This is a type of coverage that is available only for recreational vehicles that are previously untitled, and up to one or two years old. You will be eligible for this type of coverage if you have a new vehicle. Under this, in the case of a total loss, the insurance company pay for a new vehicle that is similar to or same as the RV that you lost. But it is important to remember that the replacement of an RV in the case of a total loss will only be done during the first five years of purchase of the vehicle.

Vacation Liability Coverage

This is provided only when your motor home or the recreational vehicle is parked off the public roads and is used for recreational purposes. This type covers any injuries or damage to people or property that may happen while the vehicle is used as a temporary vacation home. This is not a coverage you can be eligible for if you are a full-time RV user. Therefore, if you are looking for CarVan Insurance for a vacation liability coverage, you need to specify the fact that you are only using it for recreational purposes.

Custom Equipment Coverage

This coverage is important for recreational vehicles with custom parts. This is the type of coverage to go for if you have customized your RV’s interior, exterior or both, or if you are planning to customize it. But it is important that you keep records of all the money you invest in your vehicle to customize it if you are requesting this coverage.

Roadside Assistance Coverage

Many of the insurance companies have the optional coverage of 24/7 emergency roadside assistance that can be included in the coverage policies, for an additional premium. This is the coverage that will provide you towing to the nearest place of vehicle repairing, and labour to repair your vehicle in an emergency. In a case of an electrical or mechanical failure, flat tire, battery failure, lock-out, insufficient fuel, water, or other liquids and trap in snow, mud, water, or sand within 100 feet of the roadway, roadside assistance is the coverage that will help you.

Since purchasing a recreational vehicle is a huge investment, and owning one can sometimes require thorough attention to maintenance, it is very important that you know the kind of insurance coverage that you are applying for. Knowing the types of coverages that are available for your vehicle will help you to choose the coverage that is best for your vehicle and yourself.

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